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jean paul vilaplana

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Sealing machine and pies panzerotti This machine is the result of two years of reflection and research ?gravity and knowledge of quality "Made in Switzerland." It requires no electricity. It is installed on a table to use. It is lightweight and easy to carry 2.5 kg is easy to clean stainless steel and aluminum: easy entertaining. production of this equipment is estimated at 150 pies per hour or more, depending on the individual. It takes very little room for storage. Is distributed with a standard mold. ?molds of different sizes, see our various proposals.
Selladoraromy comes with the mold of your choice
e 220
(For 150 rotations per hour)
the machine is designed for micro-enterprises
no electricity equipment buisness
1 year warranty.
we have three molds are available: 2x80 mm 123mm diameter 144mm in diameter
To receive the machine in Europe of 4 to 5 days for the rest of world 5-20 days
youtube; maquinas para sellar las empanadas
I am available

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